Smart Web Sites

Get Attention and get leads! Be Relevant & informative! Articulate your calls to Action! Publish content for your customers, prospects and your staff! Get ahead of your competition! Increase organic Search engine results!

Let Interchange work with you to do the necessary research to implement a robust and intelligent web strategy! Consider our "Web sites that work" program!

Get Attention

Place your website and its product offering in the top non-paid (organic) search results for specific search terms & more importantly position your website for effective lead generation opportunities.

Get Leads

Increase and optimize organic search results, as a consequence of implementing recommendations from SEO and WSO analysis. Google drives more than 65% of web search traffic. Our recommendations also influence Yahoo, Bing (collectively 29%). Establish a connection between your potential clients, your web content & your call to action.

What We Do

  • Review your existing website and its current positioning.
  • Determine realistic search terms, and other key information like first text, meta tags data, content and index performance. (We limit our focus to three products and key search terms at this stage).
  • Effective and proven research methodology hypothesis testing and recommendations (includes limited Google AdWords test - pay per click).
  • Implementation of all our recommendations, including written content (employing all Google resources and best practices).
  • Identify and create sales pages enhanced for higher conversion, for key products and search terms with the highest propensity for successful results.

What You Do

Your active involvement should be limited to your approval of the following:

  • Assistance in confirming targeted search terms.
  • Approval of any test copy we may employ in new and existing pages and Google AdWords.
  • Approval of any permanent content pages we may recommend.
  • Approval of initial offering (lead capturing techniques)