Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines drive so much traffic that SEO should be part of your Internet Strategy

More About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) maximizes the volume and the quality of internet traffic that starts with a user search entry into a search engine and is received by your web site or page.
SEO gets more potential buyers to your website. It is based on human nature- the idea that the higher or earlier a site or page appears on the search engine’s results list, the more likely it is that visitors will follow the direction and enter or visit your site.

SEO applications address unpaid marketing strategies designed to benefit from the searcher’s own initiatives and are called natural, organic or algorithmic. Paid marketing programs or Search Engine marketing (SEM) are additional available ways to generate leads.

SEO takes into account how search engines function. It can also consider the who, how, why, and where of the desired visitors and what these people look for in conducting a search.
Editing content, HTML, and so on produce improved relevance to keywords and eliminate potential indexing obstacles. All elements of the site are optimized including designs, menus, images, videos, shopping carts and so on. If you put SEO in place you direct more identified internet traffic to your web site and improve the site’s ability to sell your product or service. Become visible and primary on the internet.

The Question of Locale

How are people finding products and services that are in their own neighbourhood?
The traditional print sources, like the Yellow Pages, are still used by some. However, the expansion of internet, mobile and wireless technologies has displaced these published indices as sources for ever-increasing numbers of researchers. It is entirely possible that such books will go the way of the dodo. Consumers are now using internet searches, GPS instruments, and smart mobile phones to mine their neighbourhoods.

Want a nearby restaurant, appliance store, plumber, or repair shop?
The common answer today is “Google it” – and, you can even do it from your phone!

Did you know? Close to half of Google searches are geographically specific.

Did you know? A large majority (83%) of people who conduct a local search take action and contact a business directly.

Get top-listed on all types of internet access devices when it comes to local or geographically-specific searches and bring the customer to your phone, shop or office. And, your information stays contemporary through immediate, real-time updates to your site. Optimizing for mobile search engines adds a new and growing layer of immediate buyers to your business.

First Page Results

Our SEO implementation plan works to achieve first page results for your web site to attract the buyers/clients you want. 24/7 millions of buyers use search engines and 90% click on sites in the first page of results- and, the higher the listing on the first page, the greater the follow-through by searchers.

Tap into the flow of new buyers now! Our SEO tactic draws on years of expertise and study and we continue to advance our knowledge, strategies and skills as technologies change. And, we take a leadership position in the growing body of knowledge and advancement. When you employ our SEO stratagem you can economically develop the convertible buyer traffic you want and need to increase sales and profits.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link Building
  • Web Site Optimization (WSO) and Content Development
  • Online Public Relations/ Press Release Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • International Search
  • Shopping Search
  • Video Search
  • Web Market Analytics
  • Reporting

Keyword Research

It is all a matter of precise language or keywords. Your audience has a personal understanding of what they are looking for and which words they would enter to find their wishes. Understanding and using their language is essential to capture leads. Identifying keywords becomes a vital place to start. It’s also about how they think. For example, the searcher may research the problem but your web site may be keyed to the solution. So someone looking for help with a leaky basement may Google those words while your waterproofing business may use the business/ professional categorization of foundation waterproofing. Similarly, if you occupy a precise niche in your sector, professional terminology keywords may serve to sort your leads to key buyers. SEO helps you select the optimum keywords for your target audience with the view to creating the maximum return in visits and sales.

Competitive Analysis

On the World Wide Web you are competing with the world for customers and many are equally identifying your keywords. An examination of the competition on and offline can identify unique marketing and sales opportunities to exploit. Our experts conduct significant overview and in-depth studies of your competitive market respecting your keywords to devise the appropriate stratagems for success. It is a question of being and staying ahead of the competition- on the search results list.

Link Building

An often overlooked aspect of SEO for web sites is the complex process of link construction. To improve results rankings we can encourage and attract high-value links, that is, connections to and from other key web sites. Relevance, variety and quality of links are fundamental factors in search engine ranking generation. We help you establish and build the significant links necessary and advantageous to help you compete.

Web Site Optimization (WSO) and Content Development/Copywriting

Web Site Optimization (WSO) expands and deepens your SEO tactic. WSO uses the textual, multimedia and graphical content of your website to create a strategy that directs traffic to your address and captivates your targeted audience.

Your target market and your customers’ values and needs serve as the foundation to transform your website into the most powerful and dynamic electronic communication tool engaged by your company. WSO means you speak your customers’ language and understand their thinking.

WSO will allow you not only to educate the readers in the manner by which they prefer to be informed but more importantly to strengthen your opportunity to establish relationships with those who are able to identify a solution to their need.

WSO speaks to the search engines’ interests in current and original content for indexing. Creative web site optimization tackles your web site content making it valuable for search engine indices and for your selling objectives. Quality copywriting and content improvement definitively increases your ratings and equally contributes to your conversion of visitors to buyers. We write appropriate, original and unique copywriting and content development for both search engine and searching clients.

Online Public Relations/ Press Release Optimization

News is quickly captured and spread over the World Wide Web and search engines are particularly sensitive to new, unique, information content. It is also an easy and economical means of grabbing your market’s attention. Website PR initiatives and Press Releases contribute to your SEO and WSO success.

Immediacy and relevance are essential and our experts can assist you in developing active presences to maximize benefits.

Local Search Optimization and Mobile SEO (see The Question of Locale above p. 1)

International Search:

As the internet gives us access to the world we can market when appropriate to the world. WSO and SEO can extend to targeted international search engines to achieve high rankings for worldwide sales for businesses with this objective.

Shopping Search:

For clients who wish to attract comparative online shoppers or purchasers who search for stores or specific items online by type, we can improve your web site’s position to achieve a better ranking in relevant searches. Again, first page, high rank listings mean your customers locate and purchase more easily and you make more sales now and in the future.

Video SEO

Multimedia applications are also subject to search engine indexing and can greatly improve a company’s list position and receiving of visitors and buyers. Our SEO experts can enhance your site’s multimedia presentations with identified keywords in mind, maximizing the marketing effects of your video and other presentations. WSO techniques ensure that your prospect audience is presented with information in a manner identifiable, usable and accessible to them.

Web Market Analytics

It is vital to monitor and analyze all search marketing campaigns on a continuing and rigorous basis. We will use appropriate analytics to report data to this end. Such data can be further exploited to improve your web site optimization. By analyzing these sources, recommendations and changes can be made to discover what keywords and engines are working for you and which are not. Both can then often be enhanced to achieve your goals of increasing performance in traffic and sales.